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Which iconic duo you and your friends are?

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Answer honestly about

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You(name-1) are generally a quiet and reserved person.
You(name-1) often like to put things in order.
Logic is more important than heart and feelings.
You(name-1) always had an interest in books and art.
You(name-1) try to keep your things organised and your room tidy.
You(name-1) can relate to other people's feelings easily.


Answer honestly about

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You(name-1) often take initiative in social situations.
You(name-1) often get so lost in thoughts that you ignore or forget your surroundings.
You(name-1) often make personal timetables.
You(name-1) like exploring ideas even if they are unrealistic and impractical.
In a discussion, truth is more important than other people's sensitivities.
To do something interesting at home is better than a social event.


Answer honestly about

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You(name-1) consider yourself to be more:



When You(name-1) are introduced to a friend of a friend:

You open up to him easily and
have a nice conversation

It will take a few more conversations
before you open up

If your friend is sad about something,You(name-1) are more likely to:

Offer emotional support

Suggest ways to deal with the

You(name-1) are more of a:

Natural improviser

Careful planner


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