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E - Extrovert
N - Intuitive

T - Thinking
J - Judging

Commander (ENTJ) is a personality type that consists of only 2% of general population. The people of this personality type are rational thinkers and natural leaders. They are decisive, they love to interact with people and are good at solving complex problems of society.
Commanders you may know

Gordon Ramsay
Steve Jobs
Margaret Thatcher

Napoleon Bonaparte
Franklin Roosevelt

Tywin Lannister
(Game of Thrones)
Nick Fury
Irene Adler
(Sherlock Holmes)

Tom Riddle
(Harry Potter Series)
Olenna Tyrell
(Game of Thrones)
Francis Underwood
(House of Cards)

Natural leaders
Commanders (ENTJs) have charisma and confidence combined with strategy and organization which gives them the unique ability to define a vision and lead people to accomplish it. They are extremely driven and determined, but they expect the same of others.

Ambitious and inspiring
Commander (ENTJs) are ambitious and are ready to work hard to reach their goals. The see themselves as managers or leaders. They have high standards for themselves and because of their charisma, they automatically motivate others around them to do the same.

Problem Solvers
Commander (ENTJs) are quick to notice flaws in existing system and take pleasure in pointing them out or finding a solution and fixing them. Wherever they are in life, when they find inefficiency, they will conjure creative solutions and often take charge to fix them.

Confident and Willing
Once Commanders (ENTJs) reach a conclusion, they are confident about them and can risk a lot while executing them. When the execution faces problems, they don’t give up. They want to be in a position of authority so as to be able to make calls and put plans into motion.

Personality types that are psychologically most compatible with ENTJs are:
Careers that are most suitable for ENTJs:
  • Entrepreneur
  • Politician
  • Judge
  • Military leader
  • All types of engineering