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E - Extrovert
N - Intuitive

T - Thinking
P - Prospecting

Creative inventor (ENTP) is a personality type that constitutes only 3% of general population. People of this personality are really clever individuals with a good sense of humor. They strive to understand people and situations around them. Their understanding is quite deep and they are quite adaptable and flexible at solving problems.
Creative Inventors you may know

Mark Twain
Thomas Edison
Celine Dion

Stan Lee
Tina Fey

Jack Sparrow
(Pirates of The Caribbean)
Tyrion Lannister
(Game of Thrones)
Jim Halpert
(The Office)

Veronica Lodge
Tony Stark

Natural leaders
Creative inventors (ENTPs) often have their mind buzzing with ideas and concepts. They see possibilities everywhere. Since they are also extroverts, they often get others excited and enthusiastic too. Their innovative and creative problem solving skills give them an edge in technical fields. Problem that seems impossible to most will be a good and healthy challenge for creative inventors.

Creative inventors (ENTPs) are quite good at debates. They love to argue. Their keen understanding coupled with their social skills make them almost unbeatable in a debate. They are also confident in their opinions and can use humor to turn the tables in their favor.

Rules are meant to be broken
Creative inventors (ENTPs) are known to cut corners or find loopholes. They are good at figuring out how things works and have a tendency to use the system’s flaws to their advantage. An ENTP who is a lawyer would be skilled at defending criminals and use the system’s weaknesses to set them free. This is one of the reasons why ENTPs are called as the devil’s advocates.

Creative inventors (ENTPs) can bond with people quickly and closely. Their understanding of people is just as good as their understanding of technical things. They like making friends with mutual interests with whom they can discuss topics that excite them both.

Personality types that are psychologically most compatible with ENTPs are:
Careers that are most suitable for ENTPs:
  • Psychologist
  • Computer programmer
  • Investigative journalist
  • Theorotical physicist
  • All types of engineering