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E - Extrovert
S - Observant

F - Feeling
J - Judging

Caregiver (ESFJ) is a personality type that consist of 12% of the general population. People of this personality are often popular because they are people persons. They have a genuine interest in others and love to share their stories. They are good at understanding perspective of others and can offer them some good advice. They are caring and are satisfied by seeing others happy.
Caregivers you may know

Taylor Swift
Hugh Jackman
Jennifer Lopez

Ariana Grande
Vin Diesel
Anne Hathaway

Sansa Stark
(Game of Thrones)
Nancy Wheeler
(Stranger Things)

Ned Flanders
(The Simpsons)
Dean Winchester
Pepper Potts

Caregivers (ESFJs) feel responsible about their actions and are very dependable. They like helping others and expect the same from others. They believe in not hurting others and hence are quite loyal. Their caring and helping nature makes them a “giver”.

Caregivers (ESFJs) are very sensitive about themselves and others. They are not shy to let others know what they think. They are also quick to appreciate others for helping them. But they themselves need appreciation from others too or they may get depressed.

Bring order to chaos
Caregivers (ESFJs) have a natural tendency to try to control situations and bring social order to chaotic situations. They want to ensure that there exists co-operation and harmony between people. Caregivers value structure and organization.

Caregivers (ESFJs) value tradition and respect the authorities. They like to work in a methodological and strategic way. They value predictability over spontaneity. They value time with family and friends and have an urge to help them solve their problems.

Personality types that are psychologically most compatible with ESFJs are:
Careers that are most suitable for ESFJs:
  • Musician
  • Actor
  • Nurse/Healthcare
  • Social worker
  • Public relations executive