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E - Extrovert
S - Observant

T - Thinking
J - Judging

Boss (ESTJ) is a personality type that consists of 11% of the general population. They are bold and like to take charge. They have a focus on facts and like to stay grounded in reality. They are aware of their surroundings and like to ensure whether everything is working smoothly.
Bosses you may know

Frank Sinatra
Judge Judy
Hillary Clinton

Ivanka Trump
James Monroe
John D Rockefeller

Robb Stark
(Game of Thrones)
Yondu Udonta
(Guardians of the Galaxy)
(Stranger Things)

Violet Crawley
(Downtown Abbey)
(God of War)

Bosses (ESTJs) have a clarity in their vision and prefer facts over assumptions. They have a good idea about how things should be and can provide methodological and strategical steps to solve a problem. This is why they like to take charge and are natural leaders.

Strong beliefs
Bosses (ESTJs) usually have a strong set of values and beliefs and often take efforts to follow them. They expect the same of others as well. They have little tolerance of those who do not have such values. Their values are mostly based on traditions and law. Therefore, bosses are also traditional and uphold the law.

Work with people
When it comes to solving problems, bosses like to work with other like minded individuals. They like to stress on social structure. They are often involved in civic groups like clubs, associations, churches, etc. They are good at bringing families closer or imposing social order in an organization. They enjoy celebrating festivals, holidays and birthdays.

Hard working
Since bosses(ESTJs) have strong values and beliefs, they can dedicate a lot of time and energy to to stay true to them. They live in the present and are very practical. They set goals, and systematically conjure steps to reach them.

Personality types that are psychologically most compatible with ESTJs are:
Careers that are most suitable for ESTJs:
  • Judge
  • Military leader
  • Coach
  • Police officer
  • Business administrator