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I - Introvert
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F - Feeling
J - Judging

Wise sage (INFJ) is a personality type that makes up only 2% of the general population. Despite this, their rare combination of vision and willpower often ensures that they leave a mark upon the world. INFJs are deeply concerned about others and their soft and supportive nature is the reason they are being referred to as “The Wise Sages”.
Wise Sages you may know

Nelson Mandela
Martin Luther King, Jr.
J.K. Rowling

Morgan Freeman
Benedict Cumberbatch
Mother Teresa

Jon Snow
(Game of Thrones)
Clark Kent
(DC Universe)

Albus Dumbledore
(Harry Potter Series)
Daenerys Targaryen
(Game of Thrones)
Matthew Murdock

Making the world a better place
Wise sages (INFJs) have a drive to make the world a better place. They have a natural attraction to morality. They love helping others and will seldom use their abilities to have an advantage over others. They think for everyone’s interests rather than only their own.

Wise sages (INFJs) are imaginative and often provide some creative solutions to most problems. Their moral nature will often drive their imagination to solve social issues rather than technical ones.

Strong Willed
While wise sage’s creativity makes them dreamers, their strong willingness also makes them doers. It helps their creative ideas see the light of the day. INFJs will fight for what they believe is a better future. They also have an inspiring and convincing attitude.

Human Connections
Wise sages (INFJs) tend to make deep and meaningful connections with other people. They use soft language and avoid speaking in terms of logic and facts. Wise sages genuinely care about other’s feelings and understand their sensitivities. They may prefer leadership positions or may start their own business or practice.

Personality types that are psychologically most compatible with INFJs are:
Careers that are most suitable for INFJs:
  • Social worker
  • Writer
  • Doctor/Physician
  • Teacher
  • Designer