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F - Feeling
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Healer (INFP) is a personality type that comprise of 4% of the general population. People of this personality are guided by their core values and principles. They seek meaning and truth in relations. They value honor and morality.
Healers you may know

Julia Roberts
Johnny Depp
John Lennon

Chris Martin
Keanu Reeves
Alicia Keys

Frodo Baggins
(Lord of the Rings)
Pam Beesly
(The Office US)
Barry Allen

(Beauty and the Beast)
Wanda Maximoff

Sees good in others
Healers (INFPs) try to see good even in the worst of people. They are caring, compassionate and sensitive. These quality help healers to communicate deeply with others. They are also less likely to be judgmental of others. Friends and family often rely on healer’s optimism.

Moral and ethical
Neither do healers crave positions of power nor do they want wealth or material goods. All they want is a life full of meaning and truth. Healers have a tendency to find their own values and hence have little regard for customs. Moreover, they will tend to avert from mundane and dull jobs that are just for the sake of paycheck.

Creative and Hardworking
Healers (INFPs) like spending time exploring new ideas. As a result, many famous healers are artists. INFPs readily dedicate their time and energy into turning their ideas into reality. The have a drive to be original and authentic.

Open Minded and Open Hearted
Healers (INFPs) accept people for who they are and have a belief that deep down, no one is evil. As long as their own values are not challenged, healers will continue to support other’s ideas and actions.

Personality types that are psychologically most compatible with INFPs are:
Careers that are most suitable for INFPs:
  • Musician
  • Writer
  • Graphic designer
  • Physical therapist
  • Counselor