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I - Introvert
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T - Thinking
P - Prospecting

The “Logical thinker (INTP)” personality type is quite rare making up of only 3% of general population. They are driven by logic, intellect and philosophy and tend to go to great lengths trying to form creative solutions to solve most difficult problems. They have an innovative mindset. Logical thinkers are responsible for many discoveries and inventions of humanity.
Logical Thinkers you may know

Bill Gates
Kristen Stewart
Albert Einstein

Marie Curie
Edward Snowden
Abraham Lincoln

Sherlock Holmes
(Sherlock Holmes)
(Star Wars)
Ferb Fletcher
(Phineas and Ferb)

Felicity Smoak
Samwell Tarly
(Game of Thrones)
Chloe O Brian

Logical thinkers (INTPs) have a gift of spotting complex patterns and understanding how they are interwoven with each other. This gives them access to a vast range of insights that others are blind to. Moreover, logical thinkers (INTPs) are natural mathematicians, and are good system analysts. They go to great lengths in understanding the subjects of their field and prefer not to be disturbed by social events and managers.

Original and creative ideas
Logical thinker’s (INTP’s) reliability on logic, facts combined with their unique imagination results in ideas that often seem counter intuitive on the surface but in reality are quite remarkable. They are quite receptive to alternative ideas and concepts that are also supported by logic and facts. Moreover, if they find an idea or social norm to be illogical, they do not hesitate to discard it.

Logical thinkers (INTPs) value truth above everything else and expect the same from others. They do not bother hurting someone intentionally.

When a new idea strikes a Logical thinker’s (INTP’s) mind, they get excited quite fast. They love it when someone shares their ideas and appreciates the logic behind them. Similarly, they have a genuine and serious interest in other’s logical ideas and can spend a lot of time discussing them. Logical thinkers are precise while talking and will readily point out inconsistencies in other person’s words.

Personality types that are psychologically most compatible with INTPs are:
Careers that are most suitable for INTPs:
  • Software developer
  • Scientist
  • Neurologist
  • Forensic researcher
  • Attorney