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I - Introvert
S - Observant

T - Thinking
J - Judging

Disciplined soldiers (ISTJs) are one of the most loyal, honest and reliable personality types. They can be quite hard working in the area of their interest. Discipline and punctuality are important aspects of an ISTJ’s personality. They also have a strong sense of duty, which is why they are called as “disciplined soldiers”.
Disciplined Soldiers you may know

Natalie Portman
George Washington
Angela Merkel

Antony Hopkins
Condoleezza Rice

Thorin Oakenshield
(Lord of the Rings)
Hermione Granger
(Harry Potter)
(Game of Thrones)

Hope Van Dyne
Eddard Stark
(Game of Thrones)
Brienne of Tarth
(Game of Thrones)

Promise keepers
Disciplined soldiers (ISTJs) are loyal and truthful which is why they often take commitments and promises seriously and will do their best to fulfill the promises they made. Although they could get frustrated if others don’t do the same, they keep their feelings to themselves.

Truth over facts
Disciplined soldiers (ISTJs) have an internal compass of right and wrong which guides them to truth. They value truth and facts over emotions and feelings. The prefer facts over their own opinions. This may give the impression that they have a cold outlook on life. But it is not true.

Disciplined soldiers (ISTJs) are the most loyal and faithful folks. They value traditions and regulations and often take great efforts to enforce order within their family or their company. They take responsibility for their actions and are very honest.

Hard working
Disciplined soldiers (ISTJs) can dedicate a lot of time and energy to work in a systematic and organized way. This makes them very efficient at what they do. They are focused on facts and prefer to work alone. They are very dedicated and can work for long hours even at the cost of their own health.

Personality types that are psychologically most compatible with ISTJs are:
Careers that are most suitable for ISTJs:
  • Politician
  • Military leader
  • Inspector
  • Detective
  • Business executive