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I - Introvert
S - Observant

T - Thinking
P - Prospecting

Craftsman (ISTP) is a personality type that consists of 5% of the general population. People of this personality look at the world through a lens of rationality and curiosity. They are practical problem solvers who like to rely on their eyes and hands.
Craftsmans you may know

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Bear Grylls
Tom Cruise

Michael Jordan
Milla Jovovich

Arya Stark
(Game of Thrones)
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John Wick
(John Wick)
Jim Hopper
(Stranger Things)

Attention to details
Craftsmans (ISTPs) like to understand how things work. They have keen interest in moving mechanical things. Men of this category may be interested in bikes, cars, airplanes, etc. Their attention to details can make them good engineers and mechanics. What may seem to be complex for an ordinary person, may seem easy and straight forward to craftsman.

Need space
Craftsmans (ISTPs) need space occasionally. They prefer to work alone and are quite independent. This may impact their relations with others. They need to spend some time alone to sort things out. With this being said, they get easily bored if they have nothing to do.

Logical reasoning
Craftsmans (ISTPs) are good at applying their logical reasoning for practical and time sensitive issues. They can be of great help during emergencies. However, they are not interested in theoretical, conceptual and abstract problems and hence are not likely to apply their logic to such things.

Action oriented
Office jobs are usually boring for a craftsman. They like to adventure and spontaneity. They need risky and action focused tasks that require logical reasoning. They have strong technical skills and can prove to be good technical leaders.

Personality types that are psychologically most compatible with ISTPs are:
Careers that are most suitable for ISTPs:
  • Pilot
  • Athletic coach
  • DJ
  • Technican
  • IT professional